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Watch King 2011 online: Episode 5 Farah Elliot

Jess King is aghast when she discovers her nemesis, Seymour Keegan, a vicious serial predator, is back in town and targeting a new victim. Jess knows Seymour killed a teen girl five years ago but she didn't have enough evidence to convict. Jess tries and fails to trap her Moby Dick in a sting, but when she turns up nothing but circumstantial evidence, Graci takes Jess off the case. Or so he thinks. Jess goes rogue and tracks Seymour on her own using her team and some questionable tactics. Seymour loves the attention, and thats when Jess makes the connection - he's a clinical narcissist and hes taunting her. When another girl goes missing, Jess must rein in her obsession in order to save her before it's too late.

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