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The Military Dog Centre in Austria specialises in the training of rottweilers as working dogs. The rottweiler is considered the breed of choice for working dog roles in Austria, and it is prized for its versatility and strength. Over 1,500 have entered service since the centre was set up, and they are trained either as sniffer dogs, protection dogs or search-and-rescue dogs. Before pups are put into service they have to show that they can pass the rigorous training regime and prove that they can operate well under pressure. Kaya is a small black Labrador who works with trainer Lori Spence in the Avalanche Rescue Dog programme. Kaya helps people who get trapped on the mountain, and she also assists in lift and gondola evacuations. Kaya is a highly versatile animal who can ride on the back of snowmobiles, on the chair lift and on Loris shoulders when she is skiing. Kaya and her fellow rescue dogs are followed as they are put through training exercises in the mountains, working around helicopters and locating missing people. The Windance working farm in northern New York State prides itself on its extensive fibre herd. The sheep, goats and alpacas that live on the farm are bred for their exquisite wool, and they are watched over by Maremma sheepdog Kaida. Along with her two puppies and 15 other working dogs, Kaida guards the herd from predators such as wolves and coyotes. Kaida not only looks after her puppies, but she also trains them in the basics of guarding while carrying out her own vital duties on the farm.

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