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30-year-old Marie Aborno has been blind since birth. Thanks to the companionship of her guide dog Axis, Marie leads a full life and works as a physiotherapist. Border collie Axis has been trained by the French Guide Dog Association, and he has helped Marie reach a level of independence heretofore unimaginable. This programme follows Axis and Marie as they go about their everyday activities, including Maries intensive marathon preparation sessions, and also takes a peek at some of the training that takes place at the French Guide Dog Association. Border collies are used at Johannesburg International Airport to chase flocks of birds from the runways. Collisions between aircraft and wildlife known as bird strikes can cause serious damage to machinery and endanger human life. Two of the dogs who work at the airport, Scott and Tina, have become invaluable safety tools. One of their advantages is that they present a completely humane way of dealing with the problem. While the birds perceive them as predators and fly away instinctively, Scott and Tina are trained never to go in for the kill. The Japanese Guide Dog Associations Kanagawa training centre is one of the largest facilities in Japan for raising guide dogs for the blind. New puppies are bred and born at the centre, and the highest pedigree standard is essential. Meet Labrador retrievers Opal and Hotaru as they face the final challenges on their way to becoming working guide dogs.

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