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What is Dan 3.0 about?
This is Dan's interactive internet series that will allow viewers to take part in the on-screen action by voting for what he will do and where he will go next.

Genre: Special Interest

Season 2010 of Dan 3.0

    Episode 5: Bad Day  
    Episode 33: Blood  
    Episode 39: Iowa!  
    Episode 43: ALIENS!  
    Episode 52: KETCHUP  
    Episode 58: ADMINS!  
    Episode 61: HAIRCUT  

Season 2011 of Dan 3.0

    Episode 7: NO Car  
    Episode 9: FREEZE!  
    Episode 11: HAIR  
    Episode 12: RADIO  
    Episode 17: EGYPT  
    Episode 22: Family  
    Episode 23: Funeral  
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