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Watch Nichijou online: Episode 21 Nichijou The Twentyfirst

While Weboshi and Fecchan hangout with Misato at her home, Weboshi tells her friends that she's interested with Tsuyoshi, believing he is a punk due to his Mohawk only for Fecchan to reveal he isn't. While going out to town during the weekend, Mr. Takasaki incidentally meets Ms. Izumi shopping. Rather than take the chance to spend time with her, Mr. Takasaki becomes so focus on what to do next and runs away when Y?ko spots them. Ms. Nakamura decides to stalk and capture Nano by waiting at the supermarket she frequents. However, Mr. Takasaki spots her and comment how cute she looks in casual clothes which she runs away as the comment embarrass her throughout the day. In the Fey Kingdom airship, the minions manage to retrieve one of the wooden cubes but Mio sneaks in the airship to take the cube back and kill the minions due to the cube's power. As the minions helplessly face Mio's wrath, one of them manages to push her out of the airship where she lands back to earth and ending Y?ko's dream.

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