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Watch Nichijou online: Episode 17 Nichijou The Seventeenth

The Professor finds a crow and gives it Sakamoto's scarf to allow it to speak(voiced by Daisuke Ono) much to Sakamoto's anger as the Professor is too focus on making jokes with the crow instead of returning the scarf. In one silent segment, Mio and Y?ko tries to finish a House of cards but their attempts are almost ruined by a sleeping Nano and Mai's antics. Unfortunately for them, the cards are destroyed when a ceiling lamp falls on it. Ms. Nakamura plans to kidnap Nano again by luring her to a hole in the ground but Tsuyoshi falls into instead. Annaka runs to Mr. Takasaki for help but he is currently conflicted as Makoto has blackmail him to become the go-soccer club's adviser or he will tell the school that he's in love with his older sister, Ms. Izumi. Feeling guilty for Tsuyoshi falling into her trap and shaving his Mohawk, Ms. Nakamura decides to go and help free him but when she finds Annaka and Mr. Takasaki trapped as well, she changes her mind and runs away. Y?ko has enough with Mai's jokes and antics so she decide she will no longer comment about it again, but the temptation is too much which after a series of jokes, Y?ko finally gives it.

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