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What is strongbad_email.exe about?
Strong Bad Email, frequently shortened to sbemail, was originally a small feature in which Strong Bad would answer a fan-sent email and commonly mock the spelling and grammar of those who wrote to him. The animations were initially brief, but gradually the responses grew to establish numerous inside jokes, running gags and catchphrases, as well as spin-offs, such as 20X6, Teen Girl Squad, Hremails, Strong Badia, the minor character Senor Cardgage, Trogdor, and even the main character Homsar. A typical Strong Bad Email includes numerous Easter eggs and other hidden material, often found at the ending screen. Many Strong Bad Emails, such as japanese cartoon, video games, and theme song, are satirical views of particular aspects of popular culture.

Genre: Animation, Comedy, Mini-Series
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Season 1 of strongbad_email.exe

    Episode 2: Homsar  
    Episode 3: Butt IQ  
    Episode 11: I Rule  
    Episode 21: Cartoon  
    Episode 26: CGNU  
    Episode 30: 12:00  
    Episode 35: Sisters  
    Episode 36: Guitar  
    Episode 37: Dullard  
    Episode 38: Helium  
    Episode 45: Techno  
    Episode 48: Ghosts  

Season 2 of strongbad_email.exe

    Episode 1: Website  
    Episode 2: Island  
    Episode 3: Comic  
    Episode 8: Dragon  
    Episode 9: Marzipan  
    Episode 10: Huttah!  
    Episode 13: Fingers  
    Episode 18: Caper  
    Episode 23: Mascot  
    Episode 25: Funny  
    Episode 26: Sibbie  
    Episode 27: Suntan  

Season 3 of strongbad_email.exe

    Episode 1: Date  
    Episode 5: 2 Years  
    Episode 7: Mile  
    Episode 13: Army  
    Episode 15: The Bet  
    Episode 16: Lackey  

Season 4 of strongbad_email.exe

    Episode 1: Car  
    Episode 3: Haircut  
    Episode 8: Pom Pom  
    Episode 9: Crying  
    Episode 13: Pizzaz  
    Episode 17: Montage  
    Episode 18: Virus  
    Episode 19: Animal  
    Episode 20: Radio  
    Episode 23: Origins  
    Episode 28: Rampage  
    Episode 30: Do Over  

Season 5 of strongbad_email.exe

    Episode 2: Modeling  
    Episode 9: Portrait  
    Episode 16: Pop-Up  
    Episode 22: ISP  

Season 6 of strongbad_email.exe

    Episode 15: Concert  
    Episode 16: Hygiene  
    Episode 24: Diorama  
    Episode 31: Buried  
    Episode 33: Rated  
    Episode 36: Hiding  
    Episode 44: SBCG4AP  

Season 7 of strongbad_email.exe

    Episode 1: Shorts  
    Episode 2: Videos  

Season 8 of strongbad_email.exe

    Episode 6: Museum  

Season 9 of strongbad_email.exe

    Episode 2: Shorts  
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