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Mikuni's past is detailed, in which he quit his passion for music to become an executive secretary for his father. When his terminally ill sister Takako's condition started to worsen, his father places more importance on his corporation and his public image rather than sending his daughter overseas to receive a medical procedure which may save her life. After denial of treatment to Takako puts her into a permanent coma, Mikuni focuses on business and is soon approached by the Midas Bank and begins dealing in the Financial District. Back in the present, Msyu reflects on her relationship with Kimimaro, who becomes curious about the nature of futures which take the form of Assets. When Kimimaro notices an Entre harassing his Asset, he initially holds in his irritation, but after talking with Msyu, he decides to go back and punch the offending Entre. Msyu takes an increased interst in human behavior and asks a flustered Kimimaro what kisses are and attempts to place one on him. As Kimimaro goes home one night, he starts to notice a few buildings disappearing.

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