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What is Morph about?
Hello, I'm Morph and welcome to my new website. This stuff is all very modern to me because although I don't look it, I was created way back in the 1970's, Sounds almost prehistoric now and I have to say that some mornings I feel rather prehistoric but with work-outs and regular kneading I manage to retain my looks. On this site you'll be able to meet a number of my old chums including my alter ego, Chas, as well as learn about what's happening in my world. I hope you enjoy it.

Genre: Animation, Children

    Episode 2: No Entry  

Season 10 of Morph

    Episode 2: No Entry  
    Episode 9: Messy  
    Episode 12: Pop  
    Episode 17: Hats  
    Episode 22: Poser  
    Episode 25: Cowboys  
    Episode 33: Picnic  
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