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What is Potatoes and Dragons about?
The Kingdom of the Potatoes is a very calm place. A castle, rolling hills, and A DRAGON'S CAVE. A curse on Hugo III, king of the Potatoes.To put an end to this calamity, Hugo III calls upon all knights specialized in dragon-slaying, promising his daughter's hand to the succesful candidate. From that moment on, all manner of knights, for the most part unratified, try to vanquish the beast and win the royal beauty..But the king's daughter, Princess Melodine, is in love with Riri, the court jester! For their love to last, no knight must vanquish the dragon. Riri secretly devises different means to foil and cover each pretender with ridicule, sometimes with the help of his faithful friend Juju, othertimes with the talents of Merlin the Magician. Detectives, boy bands, revolutionaries and horseshoe-throwing champions are but a few of the hapless candidates in for foreseeable disappointment

Genre: Animation, Children

Season 1 of Potatoes and Dragons

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