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What is Honboshi ~ Shinri Tokusou Jikenbo about?
Journalist Kazama Takanori is attacked by a man wielding a knife. The man is restrained by passersby and the attempted attack ends in failure. However, Yumiko, the daughter of the criminal, Umino Yasuhiro, is abducted by someone and he receives a phone threat, If Kazama isnt killed by midnight tonight, your daughter will be killed. Then two days later, Yumikos dead body is discovered at a disused factory just as the caller had warned Led by section leader, Sanada Hidetoshi, the members of the Kyoto Prefectural Polices First Investigative Division rush to the scene. Former crime lab officer Tomoeda Rinko and crime profiler Mikoshiba Mamoru are there too. They are members of the Special Investigation Support Unit, which has just been established within the prefectural police under the auspices of the head of criminal investigations at the Kyoto Prefectural Police. As they debate the profile of the criminal, an unfamiliar man mutters, Its a challenge to understand if the persons heart cannot be seen. The speaker is Kirishima Kosaku who has been assigned to the Special Investigation Support Unit from the Tokyo Crime Lab. Kirishima is a former psychologist with a unique background. Learning that he even has a doctorate, Rinko and Mikoshiba are taken aback. However, Kirishima cuts into Kazamas questioning about the incident and gets absorbed in reading a book during an investigation meeting, behaving as he pleases. Meanwhile, a new kidnapping incident occurs. The daughter of the male passerby who had stopped Uminos attack has been kidnapped and he has received the same phone call from the criminal. If Kazama isnt killed by midnight tomorrow, a life will be claimed. There are 26 hours to the time limit Why is the real criminal targeting Kazama? Kirishima begins his psychological investigation to stop the perfect crime!

Genre: Drama
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Season 1 of Honboshi ~ Shinri Tokusou Jikenbo

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