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Watch Playhouse online: Episode 1 The Breakthrough

An engineer is sent to a remote government lab to assist a scientist in his research and to report back on what exactly this consists of. He discovers that the scientist is seeking to prove the existence of a theoretical form of energy that he believes to be the source of all paranormal powers. To capture it in the lab, he plans to use a subject on the brink of death, as well as in a hypnotic trance (to be induced by the computer) and also in telepathic communication with someone else--a child who is mentally deficient but psychically gifted--who can report the dying subject's sensations posthumously. At first skeptical, then appalled, the engineer soon becomes a convert to the scientist's views, concealing the nature of the planned experiment from his own employer and fending off a visit by government officials that would prevent it. At last it takes place, and it seems to be a success...but is it?

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