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Watch Investigations in Chemistry Experiments and Observations online: Episode 1 Matter and Change

In lesson one of this program, experiments are conducted on five white "mystery" powders to determine chemical content and reaction. Salt is fused into a solid block. By feeding gaseous oxygen into a plastic bag of liquid nitrogen, we observe the resulting changes in gases; argon condenses into liquid, then turns to gas upon being removed from liquid nitrogen. Lesson two shows the three states of bromine. Mercury is evaporated and a match is lit using only steam. In lesson three, the density of solids and liquids is examined. Gas densities of copper sulfate solutions, liquid paraffin, carbon tetrachloride, and dyed propanol are illustrated by layering each substance in a graduated cylinder. The gas density of a soap bubble is tested with and without hydrogen; various gas densities are tested to float a hot air balloon.

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