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What is The Mzga Family about?
The family consists of Gza, the father, a comical and inept figure similar to Homer Simpson, his wife Paula who actually dominates family affairs, pubertal daughter Kriszta and 12-year old son Aladr, a child prodigy. The cat Maffia and a dog, Blki (Zorro) accompany the family. Dr. Mris, their cynical neighbour, is regularly and unvoluntarily involved in disasters surrounding the family. The name "Mzga" means glue, mucilage or tree gum in Hungarian and was translated as rodina Smolkovch in Czech, La famiglia Mezil in Italian, Familie Metzger in German, ????????? ?????? in Bulgarian, Famlia Mzga/Mesga in Portuguese, and Miazgovci in Slovak, always maintaining the literary meaning.

Genre: Animation

Season 1 of The Mzga Family

Season 2 of The Mzga Family

Season 3 of The Mzga Family

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