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Watch Choujin Sentai Jetman online: Episode 45 Victorious Hot Milk

Radiege sabotages Toranza's robot. Toranza beats him and then patches him into the robot's power. Draining Radiege severely improves the robot's ability to fight, but it sucks him in, leaving only his armor held up by the minions and tentacles. In a very short time he comes back out again, ripping himself free of the tentacles. Gasping, he lifts his head and meets a panic stricken Lyta's eyes. With a hiss of total fury, he gets to his feet and cuts Lyta loose, telling him to fight. Because only Radiege can kill the Jetmen. Lyta frees Ako and Kaori and the other still living prisoners. Ryu manages to board the robot, while an injured Gai runs the Jetrobot's all by himself. Rotanza fights Ryu and is beating him, when the others join him. Radiege staggers off the robot, laughing insanely. Then the robot is destroyed. The Vyram are transported back to their ship. Toranza feels a trickle down his forehead and touches it to find he is bleeding. He laughs in shock.

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