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Watch Choujin Sentai Jetman online: Episode 34 Traitorous Ryu

Ryu steals a disk detailing Tetra-Boy's technology and weak points. Pursued by his frightened friends, he slips away. That night, he signals the Vyram.. "I want Rie. I'll trade." Intrigued, Gure comes to talk to him. Before Ryu can give Gure the disk, Gai destroys it and attempts to stun Ryu, who escapes. He agrees to meet Gure in the morning. Ryu steals Tetra Boy and gives it to Gure who kills him and takes the robot back to the Vyram space ship. BUT... Ryu is not dead. It was an android lookalike. He was hidden in Tetra-Boy's foot. He sets off a signal which leads his relieved friends to him. The Vyram are able to expel the Jetmen from their ship before any serious damage is done.

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