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Watch Choujin Sentai Jetman online: Episode 28 The Founding Dimensional Beast

Toran creates the Hair-Dryer monster! However, he seems to have some uncertainty about the creature, as it has to beg and beg him to let it have a chance at the Jetmen. When he finally lets it try, it makes a challenge presented in fireworks, "Jetmen, meet me here." Curiously enough the choice of battlefields is a baseball stadium. With air-raid sirens sounding to clear the area, our heroes come to find themselves facing minions dressed in baseball uniforms and wielding bats. After our heroes have changed into costume, one of the minions sneaks up on Ako and flips up the skirt of her outfit (it seems they have a sense of humor). The battle eventually spills out of the stadium. However, the monster is distracted when it hears a little old lady screaming as she pursues her runaway grocery cart. The monster runs over, stops the cart and sends the little old lady on her way. She comments happily about the nice young man who helped her. The faceless minions are in such shock that the Jetmen defeat them with ease. It really tries to be evil! It convinces the minions to come with it to attack the Jetmen again. It traps our heroes and starts to incinerate them with flaming hot air from its nozzle, only to be distracted in the midst of battle by a little puppy who finds it delicious and tickles it by licking. The minions, in utter disgust, stomp off to complain to Toran. The poor monster doesn't know what to do. He wanders off and dreams of defeating the Jetmen, of having the other Vyram bowing and scraping in admiration of its power and intelligence. It stumbles upon two high school girls down by the water and chases them into the lake while the Jetmen are TRYING to convince it that it's not really evil. When it turns its deadly dryer on the girls it only does, to their delight, turn their long, black hair into sweet-smelling cleanness. It finally yields to the Jetmen's blandishments and comes to talk to them, however, Toran and the minions arrive. Toran has promised a super-changer to the minion who kills the hair dryer, and they are after it in force! During the battle that follows, the monster takes a hit meant for Ako. Our heroes spirit it away while Toran thinks it's dead. The hair dryer monster becomes an apprentice at a beauty shop and sends the Jetmen post cards.

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