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Watch Choujin Sentai Jetman online: Episode 23 A New Squadron Debuts

On another world, perhaps another dimension (full of fog and mist and polluted air, a dead world), three people step into a great, birdlike Robot and launch it for Earth. Meanwhile, Radiege lets the Queen's baby, now a giant, mature lobster-like monster, loose on Tokyo. It nearly kills the Jetmen. They are saved by the arrival of Jet Garuda. A blast from JG freezes the monster, and the three aliens join our heroes back at Skycamp. Ryu is all set to welcome them with open arms. Gai is highly suspicious. When Dan, the youngest of the three, flips Ako's skirt up to get a glimpse of her underwear he tries to say it's because he's just curious, but Kanta (the woman of the trio) says he's just being young. The monster breaks loose from imprisonment and JG is damaged trying to stop it. Now both robots are in need of extreme repairs, but the baby is also injured and returns to the Vyram ship, where Radiege hooks it up to the power source so that it can regenerate.

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