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Watch Choujin Sentai Jetman online: Episode 22 Exploding Love

Ryu suggests Gai try a more subtle approach to asking Kaori out. She, however, has her own ideas on the subject. She arrives with tickets to a jazz concert and gives one to Ryu, making it very difficult to refuse as she pretty much takes off, straight out of the room. Gai comes in just afterwards. He sees the ticket and expresses envy, because he really likes jazz. Ryu sees a way to kill two birds with one stone and gives the ticket to Gai. Imagine a certain two people's surprise when they run into each other at the concert. Kaori immediately asks where Ryu is, saying she gave a ticket to him. Gai realizes then that Ryu gave him the ticket, but he thinks Ryu is mocking him. In a fury, he races off to find Ryu. Ryu is working out with Lyta and Ako when Gai arrives and attacks him. The two men end up in the lake, fighting, Ryu on the defensive. Lyta rushes in to try to help and gets punched out by a wildly swinging Gai. Kaori arrives in a rush, having realized at last what had happened, and screams for them to stop fighting. At that moment the Vyram attack. Well, Grey, Toran and Maria attack. But their fight is stopped when Radiege uses his powers to drag them back to the ship, where the queen's baby is coming out of its cocoon.

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