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Watch Live n Deadly online: Episode 5 Belfast

Wildlife show presented by Steve Backshall and Naomi Wilkinson. This time, Steve and Naomi take the deadly convoy to Belfast in Northern Ireland. There is a whole host of deadly animals eager to get onto the show. Steve and Naomi meet one of the UK's deadliest birds of prey, the golden eagle, which has been re-introduced to Ireland. Armed with superpowered eyesight, it can spot its dinner from over a mile away. The special guest in this programme is cyclist Mark Beaumont, current world record holder of the fastest circumnavigation of the world by bicycle - 18,296 miles in 194 days 17 hours, beating the previous record by an astonishing 81 days. Steve goes on another big adventure in search of sea birds, and sets a group of kids a deadly mission of their own deep inside a dark, damp cave.

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