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What is Return to Tuscany about?
Join Giancarlo Caldesi as he sets out to fulfil his dream - a cookery school in his Tuscan homeland. But theres a lot of hard work to do before he gets there After 30 years in the UK, successful restaurateur Giancarlo Caldesi has decided to take a break from wet and windy London for the stunning vistas and sun-drenched vineyards of the land of his birth, Tuscany. But with his wedding to organise, a new cookery school in Tuscany to set up and business interests to look after back in London, has he bitten off more than he can chew? Plus, theres the hotel for the school to renovate, a sous chef who likes a drink to deal with and staff who cant even make a decent cappuccino to train. Giancarlo, a passionate and charismatic native of Tuscany, and his partner Katie, a calm and elegant English rose, need much more than just a hotel to offer their guests the complete Tuscan experience. A good food market needs to be found, the local shops need to be visited, the best ingredients sourced and theres the regions vintners and pasta makers to meet. Giancarlo will have to use all the experience hes built up running his London restaurants to make it work. Set against a stunning landscape, theres bound to be trouble in paradise. Will Giancarlos flamboyance turn up the temperature? Can the cool breath of fresh air Katie take the heat? Return to Tuscany is an endearing story of emotion, a celebration and feast of Italian food, and a humorous account of a chaotic summer in Tuscany. Prepare to meet the Caldesis!

Genre: Home and Garden

Season 1 of Return to Tuscany

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