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What is DarkStalkers: Out of the Shadows about?
To conquer the world, the fiery demon Pyron assembles an army of supernatural beings with magical powers: the DarkStalkers! And two of the biggest and vilest lead Pyron's army: Demitri Maximov, Lord of the Vampires, and Morrigan Aensland, a powerful succubus. But the good guys are fighting back! Around the catwoman Felicia rallies a band of freedom-loving DarkStalkers: the merman Rikou, the werewolf Jonathan Talbain, the golem Victor von Gerdenheim, the sasquatch Bigfoot, and his nephew Hairball. To crush the rebels, Lord Demitri and Morrigan send the lunatic pharaoh Anakaris, the zombie guitarist Lord Raptor, and the cursed samurai Bishamon. Things get complicated when demon hunters Donavon Ban and Hsien-Ko decide that all DarkStalkers-both good and bad-must die! Yet the fate of the world depends on a human teenager Harry Grimoire. If Harry can master his secret magical legacy-and the intricacies of alien computer technology-the world might have a chance!

Genre: Animation

Season 1 of DarkStalkers: Out of the Shadows

    Episode 4: The Game  
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