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Watch Dragon Crisis online: Episode 7 The Truth about Wolves

The rope finally came off of Ryuji and Ai. Ai's master puts him in a closed room to ask him of his A-Class precious later. He and Ai then go to a room where he tells Ai to rest for a while, it is also revealed here that her master does actually have the other earing. Ai's master leaves the room to go get some drinks and Ai, dazzled by the beauty of the earings, puts them on. The earrings give the person wearing them the ability to hear a person's true thoughts. Ai's master comes back not knowing that she put on the earrings answers all of Ai's questions falsely, including unintentionally "telling" her that he kidnapped her 15 years ago and raised her to be a dog of his experiments. Knowing this Ai flees the room to save Ryuji. They escape to the balcony where Eriko and Rose come just in time to help. It is revealed that Ai's master is Furumori, a person being looked for by the society, and he has five lost preciouses inside of his body. After having four out of five of these lost preciouses destroyed by Rose's dragon fire, Furumori uses his last lost precious to dissapear into the atmosphere. Ai goes back to her human family where she was kidnapped from.

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