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What is Hogs Gone Wild about?
Hogs Gone Wild is a new adrenaline-packed series taking viewers to the front lines in the war against an increasingly destructive and invasive enemy: the feral hog. Expert trappers track and fight these aggressive and dangerous boars as they attack homes, farms and urban backyards. Each episode documents the perilous challenges and dangerous battles of hog removal experts. The feral hog epidemic now extends into 44 states. Left unchecked, it could become one of America's greatest environmental catastrophes. Wild hogs are an invasive species that not only threaten homes, farmland, forest and native wildlife, they also present a physical threat to humans, and can spread deadly disease. With no natural predators, wild boars and sows are notoriously aggressive. Often they will charge and attack a person rather than run. The tusks of a boar extend 2 to 4 inches outside of its mouth, are self-honing to a razor sharpness, and are swung like swords. An encounter with a wild boar can leave a victim bleeding to death or infected with a lethal disease. So our featured trappers need to be as cautious as they are crafty. As one of our team members says, "These aren't little pen piglets we're dealing with. They're big, dangerous and deadly hogs." With the help of highly-skilled dogs, infrared night vision, state-of-the-art trapping devices and a know-no-fear attitude, these trappers will stop at nothing to find and catch even the deadliest of Hogs Gone Wild.

Genre: Documentary

Season 1 of Hogs Gone Wild

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