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What is River Cottage Pig in a Day about?
Hugh and the River Cottage team offer not only a thorough grounding in the delights of small scale pig-keeping, but also a complete guide to butchering and processing a pig, from nose to tail. It includes full instructions for making your own hams, bacon and sausages, and much more besides. You don't have to be a pig-keeper to enjoy this package - just a pig enthusiast," says Hugh. "Anyone who likes pigs and pork, and wants to find out how and why the best pork comes from the happiest pigs, will get a great deal out of it," he adds. Here at River Cottage HQ, we are passionate about Pigs. They are the most charming of all our domesticated livestock, arguably the most delicious, and certainly the most versatile.

Genre: Home and Garden

Season 1 of River Cottage Pig in a Day

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