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What is D-Days in the Pacific about?
Though most people associate D-Day with the massive invasion of Normandy on June 6, 1944, a "D-Day" is actually a military term for any amphibious operation, and few theaters during WWII saw as many battles as did the waters of the Pacific, where more than 100 D-Days were waged. The ultimate guide to the epic campaign orchestrated by American forces in the Pacific, this two-volume set includes the following documentary features: DEATH AT THE TIDELINE: Follow America's earliest amphibious invasions, including the ill-equipped landing on Guadacanal; CLOSING THE JAWS: America's forces gain new expertise and power, and Nimitz and MacArthur have the enemy on the run; THE FINAL GRAVEYARD: Relive the battles that pierced Japan's defenses and brought the war to a close; THE BLOODY HILLS OF PELELIU: Incredible combat footage documents one of the deadliest battlegrounds of the Pacific; BIOGRAPHY: ADMIRAL CHESTER NIMITZ: Discover the story behind the man who turned a shattered fleet into a devastating naval powerhouse; BIOGRAPHY: GENERAL DOUGLAS MACARTHUR: Learn how this fabled general was able to defeat a seemingly unstoppable Japanese war machine.

Season 1 of D-Days in the Pacific

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