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Watch The Ugly Face of Beauty online: Episode 4 Episode 4

In the final episode of The Ugly Face of Beauty, Dr Christian follows the story of Marion, and the horror that entailed when she travelled to Belgium for a cheap tummy tuck. After being promised the stomach of Britney Spears, Marion was operated on and then turfed out of the hospital just hours later. She was left to bleeding in a hotel down the road when her wound broke open, the resulting months of hospital treatment to deal with the infection have now left her with a huge rock hard scar, over which hangs the original apron belly that she wanted to get rid of. Surgeon Dr Peter Arnstein goes to enormous lengths to remove the scar and return Marion to her normal life- but can it be done? Elsewhere, journalist Andrea Thompson takes an inside look at the unregulated world of fillers, and sees just how far people will go to secure a sign-up when she is cornered at a glamorous cosmetic surgery open evening. Meanwhile Dr Christian meets two ladies who had permanent fillers injected without checking to see if they were approved - see the results for yourself in this shocking series finale.

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