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The team investigate the realities of the the boob job, the nation's most popular cosmetic procedure. Christian meets Rachel, who tells the cautionary tale of a breast op that went very wrong. Rachel awoke after her breast lift and augmentation operation to find one breast higher than the other. She was told that everything was fine and the breast shape would improve in time. Six months later there was no improvement as the implants still sat high on her chest, with her breast tissue left drooping below. Can revision surgery from The Ugly Face of Beauty's team of surgeons finally give her the breasts she wanted? Journalist Polly Hudson heads to a cosmetic clinic in Spain to find out why Brits travel abroad to go under the knife. She meets Natalie Rooney, 19-year-old cousin of Wayne Rooney, who wants the biggest boobs in Britain. But Natalie controversially decides that she also wants some liposuction, despite barely having any fat on her size 8 frame. Regardless of warnings from the surgeon and pleas from Polly she is determined to go ahead. Meanwhile, writer Andrea Thompson goes undercover on Harley St to test out just how far cosmetic surgery clinics will go with the hard sell, special offers and sales patter to get her to sign up for a breast augmentation. As an experiment the show deploys similar techniques on unsuspecting members of the public at a fake walk-in clinic in Southend. Just how willing are people to sign up for surgery when presented with a too-good-to-be-true package? The results are shocking...

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