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Watch Rewind The 60s online: Episode 2 1962-63

Today Lulu is Rewinding back to the years 1962 and 1963. These were the years when the world held its breath during the Cuban Missile Crisis, and when the assassination of President Kennedy shocked the everyone. Closer to home, the establishment was being shaken by the Profumo affair and the new satirists behind That Was The Week that Was. Today it is Sanjeev Bhaskar, currently starring in the BBCs 60s period-drama The Indian Doctor, who joins Lulu in the Rewind the 60s studio. Sanjeev explains how his parents were a lot like the characters in his series: economic migrants who came to these shores and experienced a welcome that showed the British at their best and their worst. As we focus on the years 1962 and 1963, we meet Daman and Chand, a couple originally from India who were among the 100,000 people who managed to beat a crackdown on immigration that was introduced in 1962. Together, they made a new and successful life for themselves in Coventry.

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