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Watch Ancient Worlds online: Episode 6 City Of Man, City Of God

In the last of the series, archaeologist and historian Richard Miles examines the rise and fall of the Roman Empire. At the height of its power, the Roman Empire extended the benefits of its civilization to a 60 million citizens and subjects in a swathe of territory that extended from Hadrian's Wall to the banks of the Euphrates. Even under the rule of mad, bad and dangerous emperors, the imperial system proved to be robust, buttressed by the support of elite families in the far-flung corners of the empire whose loyalty was ensured by a system of cultural aspiration, economic opportunity and military coercion. But the material benefits of the 'good order' delivered by Roman rule provided its citizens and subjects with the security to ask profound questions about the meaning of life, questions that the pragmatic, polytheistic Roman belief system was ill-equipped to answer. Christianity grew to fill the spiritual vacuum at the heart of Roman civilization, eventually claiming an Emperor, Constantine, as its greatest prize. The City of Man would be eclipsed the City of God. REFERENCE LIST FOR PROGRAMME SIX Power and Eroticism in Ancient Rome - Caroline Vout Rome in Africa - Susan Raven Palmyra - Iain Browning The History of the Ancient World: From the Earliest Accounts to the Fall of Rome - Susan Wise Bauer The Fall of the West: The Death of the Roman Superpower - Adrian Goldsworthy The Fall of Rome And the End of Civilisation - Bryan Ward-Perkins A Guide to the Ancient World - Michael Grant St Athanasius: The Life of Saint Antony Pagans and Christians - Robin Lane Fox The City of God - St. Augustine (Bishop of Hippo Regius) Pompeii - Mary Beard Pagans and Christians - Robin Lane Fox The City of the Sharp Nosed Fish - Peter Parsons The Fall of Rome and the End of Civilisation - Bryan Ward Perkins Ruling the Roman Empire - Christopher Kelly A Short Introduction to the Roman Empire - Christopher Kelly Augustine of Hippo - Peter Brown The World of Late Antiquity - Peter Brown

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