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What is Friend, Our Legend about?
Friend, Our Legend is a drama adaptation of the 2001 gangster classic film "Friend" both by the same director, Kwak Kyung Taek. This drama is a gritty, brilliant, star-studded tale of four childhood friends who grow up to become enemies and bitter rivals. Pretty-boy actor Hyun Bin, turning increasingly to "serious" dramas ever since his breakout role in the smash hit My Name is Kim Sam-Soon, brings his thespian skills to a new role as a hardened mobster, a role legendized by Jang Dong Gun in the film. Lee Joon Suk (Kim Min Joon of Tazza), Han Dong Soo (Hyun Bin), Jung Sang Taek (Suh Do Young of Spring Waltz) and Lee Shi Un (Kim Joong Ho) grow up together on the harsh streets of 70s and 80s Busan. Joon Suk and Han Dong Soo soon emerge as leaders, and the four spend every waking moment together, protecting each other, and grow up to be light-hearted teenage delinquents with a distaste for authority. Fast-forward years later, and that distaste for authority remains, but in a much more dangerous form; now Joon Suk and Dong Soo are leaders of rival mob gangs, and Sang Taek and Joong Ho are caught up in a life of crime. Caught between childhood ties and current loyalties, each one will have to choose whether or not to betray their childhood friends. Min Jin Hye of How to Meet a Perfect Neighbour co-stars as Choi Jin Sook, a woman who knew them all as children, and now watches them tear each other apart. Tightly written and gripping, Friend, Our Legend is a spare, elegant drama that effortlessly emerges as a classic gangster story, just as its film counterpart has done. It is highlighted by compelling performances and a beautiful attention to detail. Don't miss out on this tragic epic.

Genre: Drama

Season 1 of Friend, Our Legend

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