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What is SamHas7Friends about?
SamHas7Friends is variously described as a soap opera or murder mystery. The story follows an attractive cast of young actors around LA with the knowledge, throughout the series, that one of them is going to kill Samantha Breslow, an aspiring actress.

Genre: Drama, Soap

Season 1 of SamHas7Friends

    Episode 1: Lust  
    Episode 5: Touch Me  
    Episode 8: Quiet  
    Episode 25: Naked  
    Episode 26: Repose  
    Episode 35: Creases  
    Episode 40: Sisters  
    Episode 42: Release  
    Episode 56: Lost  
    Episode 67: Balls  
    Episode 72: Uno Mas  
    Episode 80: Requiem  
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