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What is Know it alls about?
Knowitalls is a game show hosted by Gyles Brandreth. The two teams taking part find their knowledge tested to the limit as they battle it out to impress the show's experts. The teams are given one hour to discuss what they know about the topics that they are given and then are quizzed on what they know. The series winners win a cash prize of 15,000.

Season 1 of Know it alls

    Episode 1: 1  
    Episode 2: 2  
    Episode 3: 3  
    Episode 4: 4  
    Episode 5: 5  
    Episode 6: 6  
    Episode 7: 7  
    Episode 8: 8  
    Episode 9: 9  
    Episode 10: 10  
    Episode 11: 11  
    Episode 12: 12  
    Episode 13: 13  
    Episode 14: 14  
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