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Watch Are You Fitter Than A Pensioner online: Episode 1 Sun City, Arizona

America has given birth to a new breed of super fit pensioners. The seniors living in Sun City Center in Florida are doing everything they can to fight off old age. But what happens when you send four young unfit and unhealthy Brits to live with some of the fittest pensioners in the world? 21-year-old fried chicken addict Kevin Jay, 22-year-old lazy part time mum Caroline Miller, 18-year-old authority-hating smoker Jacqualine Oliver and 21-year-old body-conscious pizza-scoffing Sean Ryan are about to have their worlds turned upside down. For a week they will be staying with super fit 71-year-old Rolande Poulin and her 61-year-old husband Bert, and 69-year-old ex-NYPD cop Bruce Anderson and his 66-year-old wife Joan. All four hosts might be in their retirement years, but they are in peak condition. From marathon running to daily gym workouts, they are all looking forward to whipping the lazy young Brits into shape. In a life changing week, the Brits are forced to quit their usual lazy lifestyles and exercise to the max. They swap fast food for healthy eating and are pushed to their physical and emotional limits. At the end of the week, they do battle against four golden oldies in a quadrathlon, to find out if they really are fitter than a pensioner. How will junk food addict Kevin cope with healthy eating? Can lazy Caroline change her ways for her three-year-old son? And how will the young Brits fare in the final competition? Will they race to victory - or face defeat at the hands of the super fit seniors?

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