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Watch Cherry online: Episode 3 Cherry Goes Dating

Cherry Healey's main focus in her life now is new baby Coco, but that's a new thing for her. With an emotional rollercoaster history of ex-boyfriends, Cherry reminisces about the pitfalls of her search for 'the one'. She again explores her experiences and those of seven women, all looking for love. She asks why, in a world where women are freer than ever before to do whatever they want to do and be whomever they chose, they are still so often on an unrelenting mission to find a partner to share it with. Love seems to have become an elusive beast, but could it be because all the good men are taken? Or are our expectations just unrealistically high? From giggly teens Victoria and Yasmin trawling Facebook for fitties to flirty 50-year-old Katie, who has decided that younger men are the only way to go, this is a whimsical and lighthearted exploration of women's attitudes to love and dating. Investigating the many and varied ways that women look for men, Cherry plays cupid, learns the 'rules' and gets into a round of poker with the Toyboy Club. The stories run the full range from achingly poignant to utterly cringeworthy, as one contributor confronts a previous date to award him with a prize for 'best man' with disappointing and embarrassing consequences. From the sublime to the ridiculous, will any of our contributors find 'the one'? And does it really matter anyway?

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