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Watch Cherry online: Episode 2 Cherry Get Married

Cherry Healey's big day is only two months away but, while she tackles her search for the perfect dress, a growing obsession with weigh-ins and trying to find her 'inner bride', she's also travelling the country to meet women of different ages who have almost nothing in common except that they are all getting married. Through the documentary, Cherry investigates why women get married and what is the best age to do the deed. Through Cherry we get to know 16-year-old Gemma, who believes that she has already met the love of her life - she and her schoolboy fiance Nino got engaged five days after their first date and the only thing standing in their way is her parents' refusal to give their permission. Cherry also meets a Christian couple who can't wait to tie the knot and finally lose their virginity, a bride-to-be who is having to plan her wedding alone while her fiance is fighting in Afghanistan and the WAG whose every wish is granted by her Prince Charming footballer. The contrasts couldn't be more striking, but all of them have their hopes for married life in common. In the midst of her own preparations, Cherry also gets invited to the weddings of two brides-to-be, attending one clad in leopard-print and the other in a sari. But what will Cherry wear to her own wedding, as she hijacks one contributor's dress-fitting on a mission for lace and sparkly bits? Ultimately, the answer to the question of why women get married is answered by Lady Chanie, who has been married eight times and is on the lookout for husband number nine - it's really all about love.

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