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Watch Cherry online: Episode 1 Cherry Has a Baby

Cherry Healey is unexpectedly pregnant at age 28 and utterly horrified by the thought of having to give birth! She doesn't feel ready and she wants to know whether there's ever a 'right' time of life to have a baby. As she deals with her own anxieties, she meets seven women of different ages and backgrounds to investigate how other mothers-to-be deal with this experience. Cherry runs the gamut from 15-year-old Paige - who not only has no worries about giving birth, but can't wait to meet her baby, already named Lily - to 46-year-old Angela, pregnant with twins after repeated miscarriages. Along the way, Cherry witnesses a home birth, grills a pregnant midwife and talks 'poo sieves' with almost everyone! From the serene to the surreal, Cherry is not afraid to ask the questions which most first time mothers-to-be are too afraid to broach. Liberally scattered with bum-jokes and irreverent humour, Cherry also looks at the more serious side of pregnancy, tackling post-natal depression, premature birth and miscarriage. In looking at her own experiences and those of the women she meets, she explores the broader issues of being pregnant today and the myriad of choices and decisions to be made. The show follows Cherry through her last month of pregnancy then, inevitably, the dreaded moment arrives - she gives birth. And, in a TV first, does it on national television.

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