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What is Sol Bianca - The Legacy about?
Can five young women take on the armed might of an entire solar system and win? If they're the treasure hungry crew of the interstellar pirate ship Sol Bianca, the odds are just about even! Outfitted with a dazzling array of power armor, energy whips and the artifically intelligent, dimension warping Sol Bianca herself, this quintet of larcenous ladies gives no quarter in their nonstop onslaught against a ruthless dictator who has the misfortune to possess a priceless treasure coveted by the bucaneering battle maids! The liberation of an entire civilization, the obliteration of a few dozen cities and some of the most amazing air and ground battle sequences ever animated are purely incidental, (but a whole lot of fun) as Janny, Feb, April, May and June cut a starship sized swath of destruction towards the object of their money grubbing hearts' desire!

Genre: Animation, Science-Fiction, Fantasy
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    Episode 1: Movie 1  
    Episode 2: Movie 2  

Season 1 of Sol Bianca - The Legacy

    Episode 2: Memories  
    Episode 4: Lovers  
    Episode 5: Earth  
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