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What is Cities on Speed about?
Cities on Speed When someone is sick you call a doctor. But who do you call when a city is on the verge of a collapse? Four modern urban tales from Cairo, Bogota, Shanghai and Mumbai take a closer look at one of mankinds great challenges: planning for the future citizens in exploding cities. In 2030 80% of the worlds population will live in cities. Megacities have traditionally been economic and political power centres but today the fastest growing cities are in developing nations. There is an acute need for new models of city planning to prevent collapses under such huge social, economic and environmental pressure. The NEW challenge is that cities today are made by citizens rather than city planners. Cities on Speed shows how four different megacities are dealing with this new modernity.

Season 1 of Cities on Speed

    Episode 1:   
    Episode 2:   
    Episode 3: Cairo  
    Episode 4: Bombay  
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