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Watch Kamichama Karin online: Episode 26 Those Who are Lost in Time's Labyrinth

Karin's ring was broken by Kirio, but she finally remembered her past with Kazune. During the battle Karin discovers a VERY disturbing secret about Kazune. At the last moment, when it seems that all is lost, Micchi appears and gives Karin his ring. Together with Karin, Kazune finally defeats Kirihiko. Then it is revealed that Kirika wasn't dead. She finds Karin and tells her their Himeka is healthy, and Kirio has healed. However, Kazune is no where to be found after the battle... then after the ending song the "future Kazune" appeares to Karin while she was standing at Shii-chan's grave (the first place she met Kazune) and they both go to the future.

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