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What is Tactical Arms about?
Each week, a group of weapons in presented and tested to show how they are used in real world application. Weapons are showcased that are used in the military, law enforcement and civilian applications.

Season 1 of Tactical Arms

    Episode 1: Theak  
    Episode 2: Mag-58  
    Episode 3: Mark-IV  
    Episode 4: 4-M&P  
    Episode 5: The Saw  
    Episode 6: 1911-A  
    Episode 8: Socom II  
    Episode 9: MP-5  
    Episode 11: PGW  

Season 2 of Tactical Arms

    Episode 4: M-110  
    Episode 5: AK-74  
    Episode 6: Glock  
    Episode 7: Scar-H  
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