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Watch Surviving the Cut online: Episode 4 US Army Sapper School

Army sappers specialize in punching through an enemy's defensive lines. It's their job to take down whatever stands between combat forces and their target... by whatever means necessary. To earn the sapper tab, soldiers must endure 4 weeks of intense physical punishment, science, and special demolitions tactics training. Sapper school moves fast and furious. There is no heavy equipment to help them break through: what they carry on their backs is what they have to work with. Soldiers suffer through weeks of demolitions testing and physical torment, then fight through a week of nonstop missions with less then 10 minutes of sleep a night. Carrying 80 pound packs, they must struggle up, over, and through any obstacles the instructors put in their path. Only on the final day do they learn their fate. Over 50% will not earn the coveted Sapper Tab.

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