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It all starts on a stormy night. Jimena, a normal mother, wakes up in a nightmare and is witnessing the kidnap his daughter, helplessly. Without understanding what is going on, his life is shattered, and through the town in search of her child. But police only gives negative and despair ... until he meets a man who will open his eyes. Silvestre know why they kidnapped his daughter and knows that there are more children in danger, most special people. Jimena's daughter had a gift and needs to be protected, but not alone. Carlos, a shy boy who is able to move objects with his mind. Culebra, the thug boy in the city slips away too easily after their misdeeds, it is capable of becoming invisible. Sybil, the pretty girl in class, has a secret between the hands conveys electricity. And Lucia, who is able to read minds, just wants to have a family. To all of them joins Mario, the father of Carlos, a man overwhelmed by the circumstances "special" child. Wanted by mysterious men, all these characters will end their fates together, away from their environment and families. They are united by their gifts, but away from their great differences, and yet, will have to live in a house like a normal family to survive. Thus, the characters inevitably will land in a house in the suburbs, with some curious neighbors. Just met but have to pretend to be an ordinary family. But even if created out of harm, the gifts of these guys are too special to pass unnoticed, so do not take time to visit.

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