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What is Chouseishin Series about?
The Chouseishin Series, translated as Super Star God Series, is the name of a tokusatsu superhero TV franchise which debuted in Japan from 2003 through 2006. The Chouseishin Series were produced by Toho Company, Ltd., in association with Konami, in attempt to emulate and rival the success of Toei's Super Sentai and Kamen Rider genre. Unsuccessfully, it all failed in 2007. The first of the Chouseishin series, the Gransazers involves a group of 12 ordinary people who have the power to transform and don the Gransazer battle suits, that were created by an ancient race of humans, before an alien alliance wiped them out millions of years ago for being a threat to the universe. The Gransazers are divided into 4 tribes: flame, wind, earth, and water. Each tribe has a mechanoid called a Chouseishin, which they can summon only when the three Gransazers of each tribe join together and use their Knuckle Risers. With their Chouseishin, the Cloud Dragon, and Guntras, the Gransazers combat alien threats from the alliance that intend to finish what they started. However, near the series finale, the Gransazers learn the truth of what occurred in the past and try to clear humanity of the charges placed against it by a devious member of the alliance. The second of the Chouseishin series, the Justirisers involves a group of 3 people who were given the power to transform and don the Justiriser battle suits, powered by the JustiCrystal which is sought by the forces of the Hadess Army under Kaizer Hadess. Eventually joined by their former enemy Demon Knight, the bearer of the Riser Stone, the Justirisers contend with Hadess older brother Majin Daruga who seeks both powers for his own use. The last of the Chouseishin series, it opens to Earth in the year 2500 when it taken over by a group of space pirates known as Neo-Descal. The remaining members of the human resistance send their trump card weapons, the three Ryuuseishin warships to the past to try and change the future by defeating Neo-Descal's ancestors, the Descal fleet, when they invade Earth in 2005. Along with the Ryuuseihin comes Ad, captain of the Adle-Eagle squad and his right hand man, Gordo, Kane, captain of the Beet-Vizor squad, and the twin Sazers Ein and Zwein, and Remy, who pilots Great Lio. Ad and Kane are joined by Takuto Andou, whose grandfather met Captain Shark, leader of the resistance, as a young man and was left with a Knuckle Cross to allow his grandson in 2005 to become the third member of the team known as Sazer X.


Season 1 of Chouseishin Series

Season 2 of Chouseishin Series

Season 3 of Chouseishin Series

    Episode 5: Our Hero  
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