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What is Seven Swordsmen about?
AD 1664, the Manchurians defeated the Ming Empire and successfully captured Central Plains. To exert its influence and ensure trouble-free reign, the Manchu government went all out to arrest the pugilists. To save Central Plains, a recluse at Mt Tian, Dhyana Master Reverend Hui Ming (Master Shadow Glow), ordered Seven Swordmasters to descend Mt Tian. However, after leaving Mt Tian, circumstances dictated that the Seven Swordmasters were to go their separate ways. So, they arranged to meet each other by Qiantang River one year later. During a battle, Yang Yun Cong was seriously wounded. He was saved by an enemy general's daughter Nalan Ming Hui. The two fell in love and gave birth to a daughter. However, Nalan Ming Hui was compelled by her father to marry Prince Duo Duo. Yang Yun Cong asked Nalan Ming Hui to leave with him, but, as the safety of her family was at stake, she declined. Yang Yun Cong snatched away their daughter and went to Qiantang River in response to prior appointment with six other Mt Tian disciples. However, only Mu Lang showed up. Before his death, Yang Yun Cong entrusted Mu Lang with the care of her daughter, and told him bring her to Mt Tian to study martial arts... Eighteen years later, Ling Mo Feng (Mu Lang) successfully inherited all the skills of Reverend Ming Hui. Yi Lan Zhu, the baby girl of yesteryear, had also mastered Mt Tian Swordplay. She vowed to avenge the death of her father. The remaining Swordmasters became the leaders of Heaven and Earth Society. On learning that Emperor Kangxi would be going to Mt Wutai to pay his homage, they meticulously plotted to assassinate him.

Genre: Action and Adventure, Drama, Fantasy
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