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Watch The Fall Of America and The Western World online: Episode 9 Survival Guide

America and its allies are failing. You must act now to protect yourself and your family from what is coming our way. While each DVD in this series offers solutions and insights into our demise, this DVD goes into even greater detail, providing solutions and ideas on how to protect you and your family as you work to stop the slide toward your countrys total failure. From financial to political to spiritual, these unique insights will help you to stragtegize and prepare for your familys financial, social and spiritual survival. Why would you be caught in a food line waiting with hundreds of angry, starving people with little money -- a victim of the police state -- when you could be at home with your family, safe from the chaos and brutality? Why wake up to find your bank has closed and all your money is trapped in it, when you could have plenty of money within reach? Why have no means to protect yourself when you could be prepared now?

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