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Watch The Fall Of America and The Western World online: Episode 4 The End of the Word as We Know it?

Celebrated author Naomi Wolf (The End of America) shows you how the U.S. Government is currently closing down our free society and quickly moving toward a fascist state. Joining Wolf in these exclusive, never-before-seen interviews are Professor Mark Crispin Miller, scholar David McAlvany, Paul Craig Roberts, Alex Jones, Mickey Z, David Icke, Doug Casey and G. Edward Griffin. As true patriots, the guests partake in a disturbing but engaged study of the many developments that are threatening to turn the American dream of freedom into a national nightmare involving: no fly lists, the arbitrary detention of America citizens and patriots, thought crime, thought police, police use of high-tech weaponry on its own citizens, unconstitutional arrests, torture, false confessions and martial law.

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