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Jeff Ustin is a fiery sparkplug of a doctor with the unwavering commitment to his patients. A brilliant trauma surgeon, he sometimes uses his temperament to get a point across. When a geriatric patient is overmedicated or a cardiologist is unavailable to view a scan, he explodes in Technicolor. Sara Dumas us a teenager beloved by friends and family. High-spirited and curios about the world, she is hampered by a congenitally diseased heart that will kill her within weeks if a donor can't be found. For any mother, this would be a nightmare. However, Sara's mother also has to content with the realization that the family will go through everything twice. Sara's brother, Ian, has the exact same ailment as his sister. Andrew "Bardouche" ElBardissi is a fellow intern and best friends with Rick Reish. Together, they spend their precious downtime trying to generate a social life and conspiring about how to date nurses. At work, these two supremely confident rookies are hazed by the senior doctors training them. ElBardissi shows great technical promise as a surgeon and cares deeply about patients.

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