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Rick Reish is a first year surgical intern, who despite his boyish looks, tries to protect an unruffled demeanor. He takes a compassionate approach to patients and hopes they will respond politely. However, things don't always go smoothly for the rookie doctor. In one instance, he has a comical encounter with a mother and daughter asking him to prescribe a strong narcotic. When Reish refuses to grant their request, the women become abusive and he is forced to retreat. Will Curry is a second generation African-American surgeon. He has trained at top institutions and is an attending at one of the nation's best hospitals. Yet, acquiring these credentials did not stop a patient from mistaking him as a janitor. In this episode, Curry performs a nearly inconceivable brain surgery on a young father with a tumor that will kill him if it is not resected. Amanda Grabowski returns in this episode with a case that leaves her unsettled. We also learn more about her personal life and hopes for the future.

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