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What is Dougie in Disguise about?
The story is about Dougie, an ordinary kid who lives with his parents. He loves to play with his sticker albums which will turn into a living world through Dougies imagination. In every episode Dougie will wear a new disguise and he will enjoy exciting adventures with his friend Tim the dog in a unique environment, with songs and beautiful animated stickers. It is a world of magic and wisdom where Dougie will overcome situations with his little dog, interacting with the audience.

Season 1 of Dougie in Disguise

    Episode 2: Eskimo  
    Episode 3: Robot  
    Episode 5: Builder  
    Episode 6: Caveman  
    Episode 7: Elf  
    Episode 8: Inventor  
    Episode 9: Clown  
    Episode 10: Postman  
    Episode 11: Hiker  
    Episode 12: Artist  
    Episode 13: Farmer  
    Episode 17: Miller  
    Episode 18: Baker  
    Episode 19: Fireman  
    Episode 20: Fish  
    Episode 28: Pumpkin  
    Episode 35: Mago   
    Episode 38: Huevo   
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